Dog Handlers 

More than just a guard


Did you know that a security dog handlers can effectively replace up to 3 static security officers? This means that not only is it  cost effective but having a dog handler on site brings a lot more benefits , one of the benefits of using dog handlers is that dogs have an amazing sense of hearing and smell , meaning they will detect intruders from a long distance, also would you really risk breaking into a site with a dog around ? No me neither.

Manticore Security Ltd trained dog handlers are a valuable asset that ensures your company security is not compromised and you can have a peace of mind that all your assests are safe and secure. With a dog handler on site the crime rate is reduced by 80% that is some impressive results just with a little bit of a change in your security.

Our company does not use multi-handle dogs from kennels here at Manticore Security each dog lives and goes home with his handler. This creates a strong bond towards the handler and encouraging the desire to protect.

We can offer dog handlers for;

  • Construction sites
  • Patrols
  • Mobile patrols
  • Reservoirs, Lakes and Rivers
  • Industrial units
  • Protection of asset
  • On farm protection of building and livestock

If you’re looking for a dog handler then don’t look no further as here at Manticore Security Ltd you will find everything you’re looking for. Proffesional presentable and proactive dog handlers ready to be deployed , so contact us for a free quote.

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