Static guard

Our professional safeguards


When it comes to security, static guard should never be underestimated. Manticore Security Ltd brings you service you can trust at an affordable price, also offering phenomenal customer services that will leave you satisfied. Manticore Security Ltd is a professional company that takes care of all our guards and all our guards hold SIA license , We always try to perform our job the best of their ability. Our static guards will make sure that you’re assets and people will always stay protected.

We can provide you static guards for;

  • Construction sites
  • Helping in eviction
  • Industrial units
  • Guarding assets
  • Tracking who goes in and out

If you’re looking for a static guard then don’t look no further as here at Manticore Security Ltd you will find everything you’re looking for, so contact us for a free quote.

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Dog Handlers 

More than just a guard


Did you know that a security dog handler can effectively replace up to 3 static security officers? , this means it will be very cost effective. Having a dog handler on site brings a lot of benefit one of them are that dogs have an amazing sense of hearing and smell meaning they will detect intruders from a long distance, also would you really risk breaking into a site with a dog around ? No me neither.
Manticore Security Ltd trained dog handlers are a valuable asset that ensures your company security is not compromised.

Our company does not use multi-handle dogs from kennels as at Manticore each dog lives with his handler this creates a strong bond towards the handler and encouraging the desire to protect.

We can offer dog handlers for;

  • Construction sites
  • Patrols
  • Mobile patrols
  • Reservoirs, Lakes and Rivers
  • Industrial units
  • Protection of asset
  • On farm protection of building and livestock

If you’re looking for a dog handler then don’t look no further as here at Manticore Security Ltd you will find everything you’re looking for, so contact us for a free quote.

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Event Security

Sporting events, concerts, festivals and other events



Manticore Security provide security services for public events throughout the country.

With many years of professional experience, we offer security services for sporting events (such as football games) as well as concerts, regional events etc.

All of our security guards have been trained and have had previous experience in securing events. Uniforms, badges and wireless communications provide rapid intervention in case of emergency.

All of our security officers are fully SIA licensed and receive ongoing training to ensure they are kept up to date with all current legislation.

Please contact us for more information about events.

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Industrial Security

Professional security management



Why industrial security is  so important?
Industrial security refers to the protection of industrial facilities, resources, tools, material and classified information necessary to protect against loss or damage.
Our staff monitor the area using CCTV cameras and carry out patrols on the outside and inside buildings (industrial units).

We have experience in protecting large facilities throughout the country. The usual duties for this type of objects are:

  • controlling vehicles entering and leaving the area
  • preventive patrols in the area
  • securing and checking the object after working hours
  • strict adherence to established procedures
  • rapid response to potential threats

Our security guards work in industrial areas with dogs, which are specially trained for this type of work.

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Key Holding

Our 24/7 response



24/7 Support In the event of a serious incident occurring on site, professional keyholders will organise and manage a wide range of support services including liaising with the emergency services, providing temporary guards, or arranging physical repairs with glaziers and locksmiths.

We guarantee: To use fully trained and licensed response officers. To respond to all alarm activations in the quickest practical response time .To arrange physical repairs if required .To react in accordance with your escalation procedure. To remove your staff from the danger of dealing with alarm activations. To limit potential liability claims resulting from serious incidents.

To help you exercise Duty of Care to the Health & Safety Executive To produce a detailed report of every attendance and the action for your perusal.

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Our eyes wide open



The main duties of the CCTV operator job take place in a central control room. There will typically be a bank of screens linked up to the premises’ CCTV cameras, and you could be working on your own or as part of a team. This will involve looking out for unusual behaviour to help protect staff and members of the public and guard against theft, vandalism or other illegal activities.

Along with SIA licensing, to succeed as a CCTV operator you’ll need to be: flexible calm in an emergency dependable discrete positive and proactive computer literate good on the phone confident writing reports

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back of a security guard 


We secure residential areas like estates, flats and private communities ensuring that crime rates drop or stay low. A visual presence of security helps to deter criminals and helps residents to feel safer and more secure.

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 back of a security guard 


The security of lakes,rivers and channels are often overlooked in there need for protection of the public. If guards are needed to help the public enjoy and feel at case then our company can support this. Environment or construction sites may need equipment protected when left unattended. Our staff can handle all these with confidence and discretion.

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